How Heartfulness changed my life

Heartfulness is a path of experiencing our inner Self.

“Habitually we are caught between the play of mind and heart: mindfulness versus heartfulness! We create this polarity within. Is it possible to reconcile?

When the heart is right, there will always be an unquestioning agreement between the mind and the heart. In fact, perfect synchronicity exists between them and they function as one. Integrating these two principal players in our life eases our burden of existence. By ignoring either one, we cannot move ahead purposefully in life Ever heard about a girl used to be angry all the time or crying, fighting with everyone around her, doing shittiest stuff to herself transforming into the jolliest, loving and positive person. Well, the example is on your screens…. Yeah, you got it right the blog you’re reading right now is true example or say a story of tremendous change in my life.” — DAAJI

Since childhood I’ve been a rebel and I used to be the most difficult child a set of parents could have i used to throw away all the stuff if someone says no to me for anything but one day I was so angry because my mom took me to a salon and got me a boy hair cut and I came home and started throwing away things and a pair of scissors I threw hit my 3-year-old brother directly in the eye.

that's me at the Kanha, Hyderabad

I was such a negative thinker that I thought my parents don’t love me these negative thoughts and habits of overthinking kept on growing day by day as I kept on growing I was in a state of depression for so many years which neither I nor my family realized. I used to harm myself in different ways like cut my arm with blade or punching walls or any other way I found Gradually hurting myself became my addiction but with time I left that too and I became mentally ill. I had suicidal thoughts even I’ve attempted twice one was because m cousins went for a movie and didn’t take me with them and that time I was about 9 or 10 years.

I used to trust people so easily without thinking about negatives and positives actually in true sense I didn’t know what positivity means or what heart’s voice is till the time I didn’t enter a world called “Heartfulness Meditation” .

Around 2 years back I joined the heartfulness meditation it helped me gaining control over my thoughts and has brought positivity in my life

Heartfulness is a simple, practical way to learn to relax, meditate and discover the unlimited resources of the heart. With practice, one experiences the calmness from within, leading to the creation of better concentration, inner balance and true wellness of being.

I’ve been practicing heartfulness meditation for 2 years and Heartfulness is a type of super-inclusive meditation that is there for more than a century. More than a million people practice the act in more than 100 countries, and this method is growing at a fast pace all across the globe. This tradition is rooted in the Raja Yoga tradition, and it can be practiced in a group or individually. This practice helps in improving the quality of sleep, relieving stress and boosting the immune system. It also helps in bettering the quality of life in multiple ways.

I’ve learnt one thing over all these years that its all about your thoughts what you give to the universe comes back to you if your thoughts are positive everything around becomes positive. I’m a certified heartfullness practitioner and an active youth volunteer in the heartfullness Agra wing. Heartfulness has changed my life in a good way it has transformed me into a better me.


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