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As all the social places like Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Theatres, Stadiums, gyms,  and restaurants are closed, The Big question is what to do when you are at your home? Isolation is not for everyone and can be a nightmare for extroverts. So here are 10 things one can do to enjoy your time at home.

As India has entered into the second stage of global pandemic COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, the government of India has asked its citizens to self-quarantine that is isolating oneself from the crowded place so that the spread of this can be stopped and the curve can be flattened.

1- Spend time with your family


Staying up locked in the house is not an ideal way to spend time together. But it’s the need of an hour. Let’s cook together. Watch some Kapil Sharma Show together. Let’s play Ludo, Carrom, and other indoor games just like the old times. One can also spend time with our grandparents again. Let’s try to be nostalgic again.

2- Sharing is Caring


Not everyone has a family. My next advice is for people who live alone. Share your NetFlix password with the one who is alone. There are so many online platforms like Hotstar, amazon prime, Youtube premium, Alt Balaji and so on. Trade your password with each other and watch those series and movies you always wanted to.

3- Read a novel


The next activity is for my nerds or the people who like to read. Let’s read. Let’s read the novel which we always wanted to but was not getting enough time due to our busy life. There are so many benefits of this- Better vocabulary, less crowd gathering, less nonsense. Nothing could be better than a hot coffee and a great book.

4- Play/ Learn some instrument


If you love to play some instrument such as a guitar or Casio and haven’t practiced in a while, then what a better opportunity to dust off these instruments and learn some more tunes or songs. Who knows this could help you to impress your crush once the quarantine is lifted off.

5- Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

We always read a quote “Make time for Yourself”. Let’s put on that mask and relax. This self-care routine is not just restricted to our females. Our males need pampering too. Let’s mask together, Have a good scrubbing day,  a nice warm bubble bath or A good body massages can always keep the relationship fun while self quarantine yourself.

6- Use the Technologies

social media

Who says we cannot socialize while being at home. Skype your friends, Connect on Whatsapp, share your pampering routine on Instagram and inspire other people to stay at home. The technology was always meant to connect and inspire let’s do the right thing while isolating

7- Meditate and exercise

Meditate and exercise

Gyms are also closed so how will the one remain fit? Go to your terrace early in the morning and meditate in the morning as the virus is not in the air. Yes, you can breathe without a mask if you are not in a crowded place. Yoga might be helpful too. Few reps of lunges, pushups, mountain climbers, sit-ups and planks can help you stay fit while in isolation at the home.

8- Learn New Dance Routine

Learn New Dance Routine

There are so many channels on youtube that teach awesome dance routines. Subscribe to one of them and learn some new moves with your family. If you have some function coming up, what a perfect time polish your moves again.

9- Personal Health Checkups

Personal Health Checkups

COVID-19 is spreading viciously, Keep a check on your symptoms too. If your symptoms such as cough, cold, headache or fever stay for more than 2 days go to the nearest coronavirus center and get proper checks. 

10- It’s Time to organize

organize your stuff

We hardly get any time to organize and clean up our houses properly in our busy time schedule. Let’s brush up our organizational skills to not just make our houses clean but MONICA CLEAN!!!. 

Additional Tip

Eat your greens which will help you boost your immunity, Avoid Junks, drink 8 glasses of water or the lime water. All this will help you and your loved ones to stay healthy and fit. 

So Let’s join our hands together (Virtually!!) and self-quarantine yourself so that India can fight this pandemic altogether. And Remember to sanitize yourself and to go out in public only when it’s needed. 

#StayHomeStaySafe or I should say #Quarantine&Chill !!!

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